Because Hatred is easy to spread !

For a couple of years, my blog has remained rather inactive. And there's a reason to it. I'm decent with social networking and sorts. In fact, I have always been an early adopter of technology in general, but the last couple of years have been a little harrowing. With the upsurge of social media, individuals have... Continue Reading →

So Much for Logic !

Ever since life took that abrupt crotch, putting me right in the midst of the "Brightest Minds" , a realization that I'm probably not as 'bright' has been clambering unconsciously, somewhere deep within. And it gets reaffirmed by the opinions and sentiments I hold about mankind. One such reflection inspired this post. .............. There are people in our... Continue Reading →

Being Classy !

"I don't like talking to him" she said. "That's perfectly ok" was my reply "but for what reason". She continued "Well, he is just not our class.... you know.....hanging around with him won't be of any good" It was a setback for me. Because both the second and the third person in the above conversation... Continue Reading →

Because we generalize too soon….

While I was in New Delhi recently, I had an interaction with a Canadian lady who had just landed in India. After about an hour of light hearted conversation, she said "You Indians are really cheerful". To which, I politely replied "You still can't say that lady, you have only met one Indian in me.... there... Continue Reading →

Be sporting

For the past few days, I have been playing soccer regularly. I realized that it doesn't matter what your age is, you simply enjoy when you start playing a sport. There is something about sports that keeps us in high spirit. Nothing eradicates disparity as quickly as sport. It is just pure fun, regardless of... Continue Reading →

The tasteless base of a pizza..

All of my blogs have been inspired by random thoughts arising from day to day experiences. This one is no exception to that sequence 🙂 A couple of days ago, while having my dinner at a restaurant, I tried something new. I decided to mix all the curries, vegetables and curd in various permutations and... Continue Reading →

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