The Classical Conditioning of Notions

About an year ago, while I was traveling in the Delhi Metro, I witnessed a unique episode. Inside the coach, these sign boards appears over every corner seat When I boarded, there was already an old aged Sikh couple sitting in the opposite row. A few stations later, a boy of almost the same age … Continue reading The Classical Conditioning of Notions

Because Hatred is easy to spread !

For a couple of years, my blog has remained rather inactive. And there's a reason to it. I'm decent with social networking and sorts. In fact, I have always been an early adopter of technology in general, but the last couple of years have been a little harrowing. With the upsurge of social media, individuals have … Continue reading Because Hatred is easy to spread !

So Much for Logic !

Ever since life took that abrupt crotch, putting me right in the midst of the "Brightest Minds" , a realization that I'm probably not as 'bright' has been clambering unconsciously, somewhere deep within. And it gets reaffirmed by the opinions and sentiments I hold about mankind. One such reflection inspired this post. .............. There are people in our … Continue reading So Much for Logic !

Follow Instincts…. or Father Regrets !!

"Why do you do things so impulsively?" asked one of my friends, the other day. "Because I believe that impulsive decisions are most accurate." I said. Giving me a weird glance, he asked "What if someday, something goes completely wrong?"My answer was "If I keep worrying about what might go wrong, I will keep missing … Continue reading Follow Instincts…. or Father Regrets !!

Because we generalize too soon….

While I was in New Delhi recently, I had an interaction with a Canadian lady who had just landed in India. After about an hour of light hearted conversation, she said "You Indians are really cheerful". To which, I politely replied "You still can't say that lady, you have only met one Indian in me.... there … Continue reading Because we generalize too soon….