The science of being good, and the art of staying that way.

I’ve always felt that motivation is the best medicine. For long, I had been suppressing the burning desire to share my opinion in public. But with a little motivation from a person who has had a great impact in turning my life around, I could finally muster up the courage to blog. And hence, my first post “The science of being good, and the art of staying that way” is dedicated to him.


Destiny plays strange games. It brings us across unforeseen contingencies which, at times, leave a lasting impression in our lives. And in most cases, it comes in the form of a  mortal…. a mere mortal whose effigy ultimately becomes immortal in our lives.

We’ve all had that one person who is neither a celebrity nor a revolutionary, and yet ends up becoming our inspiration. What is it that separates them from the lesser people of our lives ? It is their exorbitant goodness, that genuine benevolence and that unconditional clemency. It is their ‘no demands, no complains‘ attitude that overwhelms us, that honest affection that they deluge.

But that leaves us with another, and probably a more vacillating question. When there are so many people in our lives who pamper us with all the love, why is it that only a few inspire us, and not all of them ? Well, the answer lies in the question itself. Because these people pamper us, only us. They lavish love because they feel associated with us, because they have a stake in our well being, and most importantly because they will ultimately be accountable for how we end up in our lives.

Whereas Genuine warmth is that which is unrestricted. And genuinely good people are those whose love is of the ‘doors always open’ kind. For those who are amiable exclusively to you are acting good by choice, but those who are congenial to everyone are pleasant by nature. That is why they fare above the rest in our minds, as greater mortals. Because there is something that comes naturally to them, some thing that nobody taught them but they still learnt, or should we say cultivated. It is ‘the science of being good, and the art of staying that way‘.


All the better things in my life have started to happen once I had the company of this man.


His goodness spills over anyone whose life he touches. He does not need to speak much, his presence does all the talking. Through this post, I would also want to thank him for all the faith he has shown.

I’ve said this to him in person, but would want to reiterate “when a child is born, if there is anybody whom the mother would want it to emulate once it grows up, that would certainly be you sir 


12 responses to “The science of being good, and the art of staying that way.”

  1. I can totally understand how tough it is to write your first blog, I have been trying it for years now. Keep writing, keep posting. Good Luck!

  2. I think you have fallen short of words and its quite obvious in this case but a very well written blog and keep posting

  3. very wel writen Bhanu.. nd I can totaly relate wid it as I so often end up throwing an’I MISS YOU ‘ tantrum more than often..:-)

  4. Nice JOB buddy..Good to see that at least you gave it a chance what you are good at…
    keep it UP !!!

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