Likes, Comments and the Game of Images !!

About a month ago, I met a childhood friend of mine after almost 5 years. I had, till then, only followed his life through Facebook. I was a little surprised to see him though, for he wasn’t exactly the way I had assumed he would be. Not so much in terms of appearance, but in context of his attitude. Don’t get me wrong, actually, his attitude was a lot better than I had expected. While he pretended to be an angry young man on social networking, he was, in reality, a lot more cheerful and polite.

Ahh !! The game of images that we play these days.


Technology is spreading it’s wings, engulfing more and more people into itself. And in most cases, it is serving the greater good of the society. Yet, there is something about it that keeps bothering us – the fact that it is slowly degrading the human element in our lives.

Social networking has become as important to us as food. Very few people wake up and check the news paper these days, most of them check their Facebook accounts first.

But, then, that is not the real problem. The trouble is when we assume this virtual world to be the real one. And so, we become ready to even bare ourselves to grab attention. More number of followers on twitter gives us a sense of pride. 100 likes on our pictures give us satisfaction, until one of our friends gets 200 on his. The comments that people make are mistaken for their opinions.


Remember ! if everyone’s life was as good as they make it appear Facebook, there would be no grief in the world at all. If all people were exactly as beautiful as their Instagram photographs potray them to be , they could all be supermodels. And if everyone genuinely thought in the same manner as they tweet, we could have had a lot more harmony. In fact all of us, including me, are guilty of doing the same. We forget that while we do so many things online, we have a life offline as well.

Don’t forget, what you see on the internet is the verisimilitude of the person, and not the real self. It is not what they are, it is what they want you to believe they are. And when we begin judging people solely on the basis of that, we are bound to get shocked when they appear in person.

Well, to be honest, the very best feelings in life can never be described in status updates. And the very best moments can never be captured in picture uploads. Life is much bigger than Facebook and twitter.

Once, I was talking to my grandmother about Facebook. She presumed that it were a book in which we could make various fake faces. Well, I think she was probably correct. That  is what we actually do. 


A few days ago, I went out with my batch mates from college. We went to a restaurant, had a few snacks, and returned. As I came back home and logged in to Facebook, I found myself checked in at a five star hotel about 30 minutes ago. I called the girl who had tagged me in that post, and asked “Why would you do that ? Don’t you think it’s equivalent to lying ?“. Her answer was “So what !! see, it has already fetched 20 likes…”  And I thought ‘Wow !! What a justification !!!’

Well, I’m afraid to say – If ‘number of likes and comments’ is the criteria by which we judge ourselves, it only proves that a good image is more important to us than a fair character.

PS: I am not against technology, I’m against human enslavement by technology. In fact, I’m not even talking about the pros and cons of social networking, I’ll do that in some other post. This is just about the amalgamation of one’s real personality to his virtual image. 🙂

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