Why only Women ?

This one is strictly for the ‘mature and neutral’ readers. If anyone feels offended by this post, I apologize in advance. 

I have always believed that the only way to stay buoyant in this world is to ignore all the evil that transpires, assuming that it’s just an aberration. And while I had succeeded in following that all my life, I somehow failed to ignore the disgraceful atrocity that humiliated mankind yesterday – the rape of a 5 year old in Delhi. 

What hurts me most is that people immediately start making statement like “Skirts should be banned in order to prevent sexual harassment… bla bla bla”.

Well, if seeing a 5 year old in a skirt sets your hormones pumping, then I guess you are in dire need of Castration.

But then, my response to such stupid statements is ‘fine ! do that… and then, make sure you ban shorts for boys too’ 

For it is justified when a woman goes wrong and has to bear the consequences of it. But why does a woman have to bear the aftermath of a crime that a man committed against her? Why women… only women ?


For ages, we have been a society that worships Women – but only in theory. In truth, men have always been the dictators. And one can easily understand the origin of this manly urge to dominate women.  After all, somewhere deep inside, men have always felt inferior to women. Surprising !!  Not at all. Because, in spite of all that they have achieved, men have always been jealous of  the fact that only women can possess the greatest ability of all – the ability to create life.  Thus, to bury this deficiency, they have always tried to dominate womenfolk, and at times, even hurt them.


The agony is that the feminine section of the society has somehow accepted this masculine predominance as inevitable. While women keep cribbing about the injustice meted out to them, they ultimately participate in it themselves. When a child is about to be born, it is usually the elder ladies in the family who crave for a boy. When a girl is barred of her freedom, it is usually done with the consent of the women of her family. When a guy dates multiple women, he is a Casanova. But when a woman falls for more than one guy, she is an alleged whore. Is this how we define justice ?

Well, unless women themselves defy this notion, any change of male attitude is highly improbable. Because I firmly believe that ‘respect can never be demanded, it has to be commanded’ and women can command a lot more respect if they could somehow alter their own attitude, a little.

› Respect your own gender. The only way you can expect men to respect women is by respecting women yourself. Stop judging other women, stop criticizing them for petty things.
›  Stand up for fellow women. If your son is manhandling his wife, make sure you protect her. If your husband is ill treating your daughter, make sure you stand for her.
› Stop trying to prove yourself to men. A chauvinist’s ego will never be ready to accept your grown stature anyway, so don’t care about it. You are not supposed to prove anything to anybody. It is their problem if they don’t acknowledge you, not yours.
›  Don’t act emotionally in matters pertaining to your rights. Be conscious and aware of you prerogative, and be assertive about it. It is your emotional weakness that men take advantage of. Don’t allow them that liberty.

As for men, I feel the only way to do justice to women is to be able to think on behalf of them. The next time you apply any implications on them, try to be in their shoes and look at it. The next time you accuse a lady of a malpractice, make sure you are not guilty of the sin, yourself. And when you deal with women who are strangers, deal with them in the manner you want your sisters to be dealt with. And most importantly, understand the fact that you alone can not carry this world forward, women are equally important.


I was highly moved when my mentor shared one of his special experiences with me. He was once asked to speak in a conclave on women empowerment. The lady who spoke before him talked very spiritedly about the bravery of Rani Laxmi Bai. When it was his turn to speak, he started by saying “respected lady, I heard you quote a hindi verse – khub ladi mardani, woh to jhansi wali raani thi (she fought with the bravery of a man, she was the queen of Jhansi) ”

“Well” he continued if we continue to consider ‘Man like’ deeds heroic, and assume that only those women who can perform such deeds are great… then I’m afraid, we will never see a gender neutral society

It is very important for women to take pride in whatever they do, to consider their role as important as that of a man. Never be a girl who needs a man to complete her, instead, be the girl every man needs, to complete himself.

PS: I am a man, and I respect the other gender as much as mine. After all, one does not need to turn anti men in order to be pro women.


2 responses to “Why only Women ?”

  1. u took me back to that 2 hour session when we had the g.d topi of gender neutral society… well written bhanu (y)

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