Aashiqui 2

Ever since I started publishing blogs, there has always been this thread that some people have asked me to take up. It is about two questions – ‘can love happen twice ?’ and ‘can somebody love two people at the same time ?’. Well, to be quite honest, I had always been in some ambiguity regarding these questions. Because, even though I always believed that love can certainly come back to someone’s life, it never came to me.

But now, after a few sleepless nights, I seem to have a stand.


There is always a quandary that surrounds the universal LOVE theory. It is the question “is love permanent ?

In my opinion, if it is love, it has to be permanent. You just can’t help it. Those who have had the experience of true love will agree. Because if love was only about possession, it would go away with the loss of it. But love is much more than just possession, it is more of  devotion… and devotion never diminishes.

Then, follows the grave query. “if love, once happened, is permanent, then how can one fall in love for a second time ?”  Well, those who ask this question are the ones who have actually misinterpreted the whole concept of love.

Let me tell you how: When I was a small child, the first person I loved was my grandma. As I grew up, I started loving my parents. With time, I began loving my cousins and then a few close friends. And off course, that one special person who never came to know of it.

But then, as I began loving new people, my love for the first ones still remained intact. I still love my grandma as much. And that’s how love works. The new people you fall in love with don’t replace the old ones, they create a their own room. Our heart is too big to fall short of space for our loved ones, it can accommodate number of persons at the same time. You don’t need to throw somebody out to facilitate a new entry.

Love is not substitutive, it is additive.


Now, moving on to the form of love that we associate most to – the ishq wala love. And you might be tempted to ask whether I still hold my opinion. Doesn’t loving two people at the same time, in this sense, constitute cheating ?

Well, it doesn’t. You can obviously love more than one people at the same time, even if it is in this sense. To ratiocinate this, you first need to understand that being in love and being in a relationship are two related yet very different  things. 

Being in a relationship with two people simultaneously is cheating, loving them isn’t.  Admit it, a lot of us have been into a relationship and have still had thoughts of the person we once loved… and we would have been cheating had we tried to get involved with them again.

Love in itself is such a sacred sentiment… so how can loving more people be profane.


Don’t be afraid to fall in love… even if it happens more than once. You ought to give life a few chances before it finds for you, what you truly deserve. If it happens in the first shot – Lucky you.

But make sure that once you are into Aashiqui, you don’t nurture thoughts of Aashiqui 2. Don’t plan a sequel while the original is still in the making.

Never try to tie love down, but always try to hold on to it. Don’t be obsessed, but remain loyal.


so here are the answers to the two questions that were asked of me :

Q1 – Can love happen twice and still be true?

Ans – yes, it can be… in fact it can even happen more than twice and yet remain true.

Q2 – Can somebody love more than one person at the same time and still be loyal ?

Ans – yes, one can… and still stay loyal.  We do that all our lives, don’t we.

(PS: I advocate loyalty, but not obstinacy)

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