Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication !!

Recently, I started using an application that is a rage among the youth of today – Watsapp !!.

Fed up with the misunderstandings it created between my friends and me, within a few days, I removed it from my tab last night. Call me old fashioned ? U might well do…


Yes ! I belong to the bunch of people who are a little old fashioned, lagging behind the times.

We don’t often speak out – At least we don’t give a mouthful to a 70 year old who is crossing the road very slowly.

We aren’t competitive –  we don’t bypass the queue at the ATM.

We are not updated – Fine, but then, we don’t gossip about what an actress wore in an award function.

We are not techno savvy – Well, we don’t buy gadgets that we can’t find the use of, just because our colleague has one.

We don’t have a good taste – we still find Looney toons far more entertaining than Avatar.

We don’t live lavishly – because we don’t go around buying things that we don’t need, from the money that we haven’t earned, to impress people whom we don’t even know.

We aren’t fashionable – we wear clothes that comfort our own body, and not the eyes of other people.

We don’t stay connected – because for us, connecting implies talking and meeting, not chatting.

We aren’t sophisticated – but we don’t go around pretending to appreciate things and people that, in truth, we don’t even approve of.

We aren’t modern – but for us, a healthy life is far more important than a flamboyant one.


The term modern is often confused with extravagant, and fashionable with ostentatious. Honestly, being modern has got nothing to do with fancy apparel or expensive gadgets. Fashion is simply a guise of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, nothing else.

Couple Working Together at Home

Most of the icons that symbolize the, so called, ‘modern lifestyle’ are just Whangdoodles… including the one I abandoned last night. Most of them end up complicating the simplest of human activities. Talking ends with wtsapp, meeting ends with skype. Entertainment is limited to multimedia, socializing is replaced by social networking.


And then, there are old fashioned people like us, who love to play in the open, call people when we want to talk, wear things that we feel comfortable in, stop at the traffic signals, are ready to wait for our turn, not ashamed of listening to old songs, remain happy owning a Nokia 200, hesitate in criticizing other people. Our likes are very simple, demands aren’t expensive. We find fun in eating, sleeping, talking… and laughing our hearts out.

Obviously, we would love to have the luxuries of the ‘neo‘ life. Even we like the technology and the haute couture that it brings along. But even without that, we are at peace.

We are not as sophisticated….. for us, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Call us old fashioned… you may.

PS: Though I mentioned myself using a tab, I have to admit, my life was much simpler and relaxed when I used a Nokia 200 (before I eventually lost it).


7 responses to “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication !!”

  1. Things in life have become really complicated and much more a show off than anything else….I appreciate the idea of being simple and ultimate still….good work ! 🙂

  2. u surely aren’t a neophyte bro there’s a lot in there keep bringing it on learning a lot through u now a days …simplicity is the ultimate sophistication !!…epic truth ^.^

  3. I can totally relate to this post (since looking at how much my friends have become distracted while talking to me due to watsapp- I didnt download it). Simplicity is really under-rated. Keep up buddy!

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