The tasteless base of a pizza..

All of my blogs have been inspired by random thoughts arising from day to day experiences. This one is no exception to that sequence 🙂

A couple of days ago, while having my dinner at a restaurant, I tried something new. I decided to mix all the curries, vegetables and curd in various permutations and combinations, and began tasting them all. Because I always thought that these were the things that brought taste to the food, Rice and Chappati were tasteless anyway.

After having a few spoons of it, though….  an awakening struck !! Yes, they were tasteless….. but certainly not useless…


All of these, so called, flavors  in life are similar to the toppings of a pizza. They make it attractive and spicy…. but they can only do so only when there is a base of tasteless bread beneath them. However, we remain too busy tasting the toppings now a days, that we hardly care about the base. That is how life is.


There are always a few things, and a few people, whom we ultimately turn to when there is no hope left at all. Because they have the ability to pull us out of the gravest of situations, without a hitch. They belong to the ‘not so glamorous, but eternally reliable’ breed. They form the tasteless base of our lives.

These no demands, no complains kind of people never seek recognition, all they get is satisfaction. The irony is that we gradually start taking these people for granted. We almost consider it as a part of their routine. What we ignore is the fact, that even if they chose not to stand by us, it would hardly create a difference in their lives. Yet, they do it, for us…. and they do it out of their own will.

Remember, every colorful painting is made on a colorless but firm canvas. These people form that colorless, yet steady canvas, on which we paint the colors of our life. Sad, though, that we often get engulfed into the colors, forgetting the canvas completely.


We have a few things and people who don’t add as much fun to our life, as the rest.

All of these ‘not so attractive‘ things, and ‘not so lively‘ people in life bring stability to it. And after a while, that’s what all of us want from life – stability. These are the ones that will last, the rest will move on with time.

Enjoy the toppings, but acknowledge the base too. Because that is what will ultimately satisfy your real hunger, once you get bored of pleasing your taste buds.

PS: Most of us might have been that tasteless base of somebody’s life – never got acknowledged for loving them unconditionally. But don’t forget, there is someone who did the same for us…. it’s time we started appreciating them, that is the least we can do.


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