For a year now, I have been a part of the corporate world. It was a world I was scared of, from the outside. And not a lot has changed yet. One of the things that I have learnt though, is a strange pattern of human behaviour, which I call ‘Scape-Goat-ism’


Corporate is like any other world, except for one particular thing – the relationships here are far more superficial. You say things that you might not mean, or believe in, just to get away with stuff. You may lie, or worse, may misrepresent the truth, to avoid being questioned.

This doesn’t work in other relationships of life – like the ones of blood, of friendship or of romance – because of one simple fact. In these relationships, you fall in love with the person, and hence, it’s unlikely that you may take a chance there. But at work, even if you enjoy what you do, seldom will you fall in love with your Company.

Rarely will you find people who are willing to be in a ‘long term relationship’ with their employers. And because there is no commitment, hence in tough situations, all they seek is immediate relief and not a long term solution to the actual problem.

From passing the blame on to others, to finding excuses why things can’t be done rather than looking for ways they can be. You will always see such behaviour, especially from people who you intuitively know are just there to punch in their hours and take the pay cheque at the end of the month.

These people will also form relations for the same purpose. They will hug the accountant on the day they need to file the ITR, they will pamper the HR on the 1st of the month. They provide an altogether different dimension to the ‘Friends with benefits’ philosophy.


We have all been either a witness, a subject, or even guilty of this kind of behaviour. There are, however, people who don’t fall for this and give their all regardless. And eventually, these are the ones who make it big.

Commitment is a virtue of the strong, scape-goat-ism is a virtue of the weak. It sorts out the wheat from the chaff. The more people an organisation has belonging to the first kind, the better its chances of succeeding.


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