Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication !!

Recently, I started using an application that is a rage among the youth of today - Watsapp !!. Fed up with the misunderstandings it created between my friends and me, within a few days, I removed it from my tab last night. Call me old fashioned ? U might well do... ...... Yes ! I … Continue reading Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication !!

Why only Women ?

This one is strictly for the 'mature and neutral' readers. If anyone feels offended by this post, I apologize in advance.  I have always believed that the only way to stay buoyant in this world is to ignore all the evil that transpires, assuming that it's just an aberration. And while I had succeeded in following … Continue reading Why only Women ?

Likes, Comments and the Game of Images !!

About a month ago, I met a childhood friend of mine after almost 5 years. I had, till then, only followed his life through Facebook. I was a little surprised to see him though, for he wasn't exactly the way I had assumed he would be. Not so much in terms of appearance, but in … Continue reading Likes, Comments and the Game of Images !!

First love – the most authentic infatuation…

When Yevgeny Salinder was nearing his 12th birthday, he discovered the remains of the Wooly mammoth in the snow of Siberia. When I was of the same age, I discovered my First love. I'm 23 now, and I'm ending it with this post. 11 years is, after all, a long time.... probably too long. ...... The First … Continue reading First love – the most authentic infatuation…

The Habit of disobedience !!

As I embark on yet another train journey today, I just recalled one of the best memoirs that I've had with the Indian railways. I had shared it on social networking platforms at that time. But it's too good not to be mentioned again. …… It was the Varanasi – Mumbai Mahanagri Express. I was … Continue reading The Habit of disobedience !!