Aashiqui 2

Ever since I started publishing blogs, there has always been this thread that some people have asked me to take up. It is about two questions - 'can love happen twice ?' and 'can somebody love two people at the same time ?'. Well, to be quite honest, I had always been in some ambiguity regarding these questions. Because,... Continue Reading →

Is judgement necessary ?

While talking to an old friend the other day, I came across a strange bent that is common to a lot of people from our generation. Recently, she moved to the city I live in, after having lived in another city for a few years. And every time she called me up, she would start... Continue Reading →

Why only Women ?

This one is strictly for the 'mature and neutral' readers. If anyone feels offended by this post, I apologize in advance.  I have always believed that the only way to stay buoyant in this world is to ignore all the evil that transpires, assuming that it's just an aberration. And while I had succeeded in following... Continue Reading →

The Unsung HERO…

It was past midnight, the door of my room creaked. Somebody entered and left. I was too profoundly indulged in my dreams to give a damn about it. When I woke up next morning, Mom called me and said "Daddy had to leave late night, there was a failure on the tracks. He got all your... Continue Reading →

The Habit of disobedience !!

As I embark on yet another train journey today, I just recalled one of the best memoirs that I've had with the Indian railways. I had shared it on social networking platforms at that time. But it's too good not to be mentioned again. …… It was the Varanasi – Mumbai Mahanagri Express. I was... Continue Reading →

I Miss You !!

Its 2 a.m. and I've got work in the morning. Yet, the sudden surge of memories in my hippocampus has forced me to scamper out of the bed and draft them into this script. So you might as well treat this as a half-asleep man's narrative. ....... We miss a lot of people, or at least... Continue Reading →

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